Brennglas Corona: Local integration work in times of a global pandemic

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Petra Bendel

Project team: Sonja Reinhold, Theresa Wagner

Duration: 01.11.2020 – 31.03.2023

Study for download: “Brennglas Corona: Local Integration Work in Times of a Global Pandemic”, 2022

Interview on the results of the study: “Brennglas Corona study: ‘We need to make municipalities more resilient”

Project description:
The explorative study funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung investigates the concrete effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on integration work in municipalities. In view of scarce resources, these are already facing structural challenges in some cases. In the course of this pandemic and the associated ‘lockdown’ of the economy and public life, the conditions for participation and integration at the local level are made even more difficult – the pandemic situation acts like a burning glass. This threatens to affect not only the participation of those who have already immigrated but also the reception and integration of new migrants and refugees arriving in the future.
By means of a qualitative study, the concrete experiences and needs of municipal actors relevant to integration policy in the wake of the Corona pandemic are to be identified and recommendations for action formulated on this basis. The aim of the study is to sensitise decision-makers at all federal levels to the current challenges in the municipalities and to strengthen municipal integration work in the long term.