Colloquium with Prof. Dr. Kathryn Sikkink

Accountability for Human Rights Violations

In anticipation of Harvard scholar Kathryn Sikkink receiving an honorary doctorate from FAU on June 6th for her outstanding work on human rights, Prof. Dr. Kinzelbach and Dr. Janina Heaphy, in association with the CHREN and the Institute of Political Sciences, organized a colloquium to discuss different perspectives on the topic of “Accountability for Human Rights Violations”. Throughout the afternoon, 30 researchers and practitioners discussed their insights on the nexus between international criminal law, politics, and human rights, which included debates on universal jurisdiction, blame evasion strategies, the historic impact of the Nuremberg Trials as well as the role of the perpetrators’ gender before German Criminal Courts. As a special highlight of the colloquium, Kathryn Sikkink presented the preliminary findings of her most recent work on “Gender Concerns in Transitional Justice Mechanisms around the World” outlining not only emerging global trends, but also the importance of gender-attentive approaches in transitional justice processes. Programme